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Basotho: people at work

Images by Paul Gosselin
With forewords by David Ambrose and Mike Feldman
First published in November 2009
ISBN 978-09-620-4389-9
R250 exclusive of VAT

FOR THE best part of a decade, businessman turned photographer René Paul Gosselin has been drawn to the remote mountain kingdom of Lesotho. Gradually, he has learnt that, rather than chasing people and scenes, he should ‘wait quietly by the roadside’, and his subjects will eventually arrive by themselves.
This approach has resulted in a stunning set of photographs depicting the lives of a people who, while fundamentally at peace with themselves and their environment, are constantly at work: ploughing, reaping, threshing, winnowing, milling, weaving, and tending their livestock.
They include images of a gathering of hundreds of Basotho horsemen in the remote central highlands, held under the auspices of their paramount chief, to discuss grazing rights and other vital land use issues – the first ever taken of this spectacular annual event.

‘René Paul Gosselin presents a marvellous portfolio of photographs which testify to the hard work and skill of the rural Basotho at surviving in a harsh landscape, where little is achieved without major effort.’– from a foreword by David Ambrose

‘René Paul Gosselin’s empathy with and love for Lesotho and its people are clearly reflected in these photographs.’– from a foreword by Mike Feldman

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